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Vientos Polares was my personal blog for about 5 years. I created it on 2008 as a result of the need to express myself and to share contents I enjoyed.

The blog was born with the idea of expressing and transmitting feelings, either through photography, videos, music or stories. But that’s something pretty ambitious for your first blogging project and of course I got out of resources quickly.

So I let the blog just be and get its shape naturally by posting content that I considered special enough to be saved and shared. In the end the main topics were design, photography, music, video art, science and curiosities.

429 posts and 5 years later I had to accept its end. My life changed, and so my habits, and writing on the blog wasn’t something spontaneous anymore. It’s still alive today though, I want to keep it as a huge memory. And I actually enjoy visiting it and re-discovering contents.

NOTE: it was discontinued in 2013 and I’m not actively maintaining it anymore. Many links and media content have been erased from their sources and thus many posts have missing content. Ah, and I was young when writing these posts, forgive me for my way of writing (in Spanish though)… ?

These are two examples of posts about photography on my blog. The first about Clemens Fantur, a photographer from Austria that, in his own words, turns reality into fiction. The second is about Steve McCurry, the mythical photographer who took this picture and his breathtaking shots.

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And these are two examples of inspirational posts I wrote on the blog years ago. The first is a powerful video about the huge problem of plastic pollution in the oceans as lived in Midway, a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific . The second one is about the building built at the highest altitude of Europe: Sphinx, a lookout and observatory on the top of the Alps.

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