Gelateria Demaestri

Photography, web design

Gelateria Demaestri is an ice-cream shop located in my home town at Tenerife, Canary Islands. They make one of the most delicious ice-creams you could find.

For that reason, it was a pleasure for me to create a website and taking pictures for them (I got plenty of free ice-cream during the shooting days). It was during summer 2015.

Prior to start with the design of their new website, I decided to take the pictures of the products and then use those pictures as my starting point.

This is the website I made: Below you have a screenshot of the site, but it’s better if you visit it live, indeed!

Scroll down over the image

About the pictures, most of their ice-creams are made of organic fruits, so I wanted to play with the colors and make something  attractive and fun. There are also pictures of the Illy coffee and the snow cones:

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