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Foodinthebox is a startup based in Madrid that sells boxes with all the necessary ingredients for cooking recipes they offer. You can  visit their website and order a box for cooking any recipe you like and it’ll be delivered anywhere you want in Spain.

My work for Foodinthebox consisted in two different roles: first I worked as a food photographers and later as a web and graphic designer:

  • As a photographer I took pictures of the whole process of cooking over 50 recipes: ingredients, preparation and final product.
  • As a graphic designer I worked hand-to-hand with the CEO to develop a whole new branding. Later on, we applied that new style (color palette, logo, fonts…) everywhere on their products and web.
  • And as a web designer, which was my main job: carrying out a complete redesign of the website (built on Shopify) and also introducing many UX improvements and responsive web design solutions.

This is how the web looked like after the redesign. Nowadays the company has evolved and so has the website:

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After dozens of prototypes, putting concepts together and testing different ideas we came to this new branding. For the launching of the new branding I wrote this detailed post about it [Spanish]. It was a radical change to the previous logo, font and color palette  which you can see in this PDF.

The logo is a combination of the following elements/concepts:

  • Box: as a basic element, referring to what the brand is and its name. It also represents a house or home, where the final product will be created.
  • Heart: it brings the health factor, and also the emotion and inspiration, present in the experiences which Foodinthebox makes possible.
  • Spoon: as a representative of the cooking utensils and the “do it yourself” or the “you cook it, you eat it”.
  • Colors: the soft and warm gradient means the importance of the maturation process, of evolution, in this case referred to the food, but not exclusively. At the same time it represents the variety of recipes and ingredients offered.
  • New font: the new font is softer and more rounded, using only lowercases for the brand name, trying to transmit smoothness and humanity. It’s also shown on a eggplant color, organic and visible but differing from the coldness of a gray or black tone.
And these are some of the food pictures I made. Some of them of the final product and some of the ingredients and the process of cooking:

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