Essentis Biohotel

Web design, photography

* this project was carried out in collab. with Henar Seoane

Essentis Biohotel is an eco-hotel located in the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. During 2015 they decided to completely renew their branding, communication, philosophy and decoration. And looking at the website they had back then you could clearly see they definitely needed a new one too.

My girlfriend and I, both web designers and photographers, built it from scratch. We also took pictures of the building and helped with the staff pictures, working under the guides of the art director.

Since we left they have changed some things in terms of design (unfortunately), but the base of the web remains the same. This is it:

In addition to this project, we also made a website and took pictures for its restaurant, Amaranth Vegan: check out Amaranth project.

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