Eleazar Lázaro

I was born in the sunny lands of Tenerife island, Spain. I studied Environmental Sciences in Madrid and started experimenting with reflex cameras in early 2009.

A few years later, in 2012, I felt the need of having a website and show my pictures the way I wanted, so I learned about web design. These two hobbies are nowadays the main part of my job, which I feel so lucky for. On the way I ended up learning about graphic design and video making.

I’ve spent a part of my life living and working in Finland, Japan, Berlin and different places in Spain, and also traveling to several countries and taking part as a volunteer in various projects about eco-building and eco-villages, which are topics I’m very interested in. So I gave importance to be able to move while keep working and making a living out of it. From early 2019 I’m officially freelance and often a digital nomad so I can combine job, trips and voluntary work.

Below there are two Spotify playlist I made for this website: _day is made of rather chill songs and _night is more party and electronic music. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to share and save them if you like.