My name is Eleazar Lázaro Guerra and I was born in the sunny lands of Tenerife island, Spain. At one point of my life I discovered the two topics that would start shaping it: photography and sustainability. I studied Environmental Sciences in Madrid to enrich myself in the latter, and have been investing plenty of time and energy developing my skills in the former.

After a number of years into photography (and uploading them to my flickr) I felt the need to show them properly, on my own website, so I learned how to build one. That was the first step to become the web designer I am nowadays. And I also kept learning for being a professional photographer. I’ve spent a part of my life living and working in Finland, Japan, Berlin and different places in Spain, and also traveling to several countries. This way I’ve gathered inspiration of different natures that (hopefully) explains the portfolio showcased here.

You can check my detailed CV on my LinkeIn profile. I’ve created the playlist below as a soundtrack of my website, which is also my portfolio, which, in fact, is a big part of me. So I’m actually sharing here a piece of who and how I am, made without big pretensions. You can enjoy, share and follow it if you like.

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