Clínica CIRO

Web design, video, photography

I’ve been working at this dental clinic for almost a year now. My role at the company was first to manage their websites, social networks and also Google ads (AdWords) and Facebook/Instagram ads.

During that first period my main task was to work on a new website, while fixing many aspects of the old one still live. In February 2017 we released a whole new website, way cleaner and easier to navigate through than the previous one.

The site is shown in a main Spanish version that includes a blog and a videos section (both Spanish only content) and an English version without those two sections. I’m already working on an Arab version too, and later on a Chinese version will also come into scene.

From March 2017 my role changed and I’ve been more focused on creating videos and taking pictures. Though I’m still frequently working on the website adding new pages and features. These are some examples of how the site (again, you better visit it directly) and the videos look like.


Scroll down over the image

Scroll down over the image

You can find me here in the team page, inside the “Photography, video and design” section:

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I also made a serie of videos of the doctors talking about frequent asked questions of their patients about their speciality. Below you have two examples (in Spanish), but you can watch more at CIRO’s YouTube channel. We even made this mannequin challenge video for Christmas and New Year Eve.

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